BMW unveils iX M60 with colour changing tech at CES (2022) with just a touch of a button.

BMW unveils iX flow(concept car) with colour changing tech

                    Image source- Google | website- Dezeen 

German car maker BMW has introduced a new "colour changing" technology at CES(2022) in Las Vegas.

Basically this technology works in the concept of electronic paper e-ink technology, to transform the car's exterior into a veriety of patterns in gray and white.

Bmw iX flow features e-ink, which is a arproch to change the colour of the car with just a push of a button.

According to BMW this particular technology benefits the customer in many ways like -

personalization to choose the colour of the car,
Information if your battery status is full, in the case of car sharing, if a car is free, if it's clean, if you have lost your car in the parking, it will flashes you out so that you can detect it in peripheral vision.
Third change is functional by changing the colour of car the reflection of sunlight will also change which we also change the thermal properties of the car.
Image source- Google | website- dezeen

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