Tata confirm the launch of Tata Sierra

Tata confirm the launch of Tata Sierra..

Tata motors is going to launch another SUV. It's reborn of iconic legend the "Tata Sierra". Tata Motors introduced the concept of Sierra EV @ 2020 car expo since than it's expectations was on higher note. Tata motors started working on the SUV to bring it in the market. The car is first from the Sigma platform.
The classic Sierra was the first SUV from Tata. In team of design Tata Motors was able to beats it's competitors. The car has an unique 3 - door styling layout with large windows which give the Panoramic view from inside since it was launched in 1991, it looks fresh to eye with those massive road presence. Initially the car launched with naturally aspirated engine which further followed with turbo charged engine, it also recieved the 4 - wheel drive variant. 

There will be no Petrol or diesel variant of Tata Sierra.

Now at the 30th anniversary of iconic Tata Sierra, Tata is bringing back the name plate of Sierra with similar design language but there will be no diesel or petrol option at all. The car will get the conventional 5 door layout except 3 door one's.
The next gen Sierra will seat on the dedicated EV plateform based on the alpha platform of Altroz and Punch. 
The new Sigma platform will be haviely re-engineered around the battery pack to avoid any compromises and to optimise packaging. This modification will remove the transmission tunnel and and the fuel tank and another materials required for the external combustion. This will help to create extra legroom and boot space. This concept will also increase the efficiency of the EV with better packaging to the flow.
It is expected the car will get 150bhp powered electric motor with range of more than 500 km. 
The car will launch maybe in 2024 but the Altroz, Punch, Tiago will get will there EV variants soon.


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